Mr. Murphy

Designer, Writer and Speaker

This is the copy for the hero image. Christopher Murphy: An award-winning designer, writer and speaker based in Belfast, I work with business of all shapes and sizes, helping them to grow and thrive.

Christopher Murphy

A designer, writer and speaker based in Belfast, Christopher works with purpose-driven businesses, helping them to grow and thrive. He encourages small businesses to think big and, just as importantly, he enables big businesses to think small.

The author of numerous books, he is currently hard at work on his eighth – ‘Designing Delightful Experiences’ – which focuses on the user experience design process from start to finish. It will be published by Smashing Media in 2019.

As a design strategist he works with companies, large and small, to help drive innovation, drawing on over 25 years of experience working with clients including: The BBC, Electronic Arts (EA) and Adobe.

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People I’ve worked with…

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of organisations over a twenty-five year career. The following are some of the people I’ve worked with…

The BBC Adobe The Royal Mail Smashing Magazine Absolut Vodka WIRED John Lewis The British Council Little Thunder Niice Queen's University, Belfast Enrich & Endure Blick Shared Studios Lagom


My work is constantly changing and I can’t share a lot of it for confidentiality reasons. I have, however, included selected projects to provide a flavour of the kinds of projects I’ve worked on. This portfolio doesn’t include everything, but it provides a glimpse of what I’ve worked on over the last 25 years.

Let’s Work Together

Every business is different and every business challenge is unique. I’m more than happy to meet for a coffee, or chat via Skype, to help you define your specific goals.

If you have a problem you’d like to explore, please do get in touch. I’ll happily meet with you for an hour – with no obligations and at no cost – to explore some ideas. You’ve nothing to lose and I’ve no doubt the conversation will prove interesting.

There needs to be a call to action button here: Get in touch…