Mr. Murphy

Designer, Writer and Speaker

November, 2018

November was – just like October – another busy month. Despite a heavy workload, I made substantial progress on this site and I’m hoping to unveil everything in December.

In what was a welcome surprise, I was invited by Alan Moore to help him develop a leadership programme built around his book, ‘Do Design’. I believe Alan’s message is an important one and I was honoured to be invited to join him, and a host of other talented individuals, to design a leadership programme that I believe is much-needed.

The user research project I’ve been working on for Electronic Arts (EA), with the Little Thunder team, occupied most of my attention in November. EA are a fascinating company and I’m looking forward to continuing my work with them.

Working with the team at Adobe XD I’m creating a series of ‘capsule courses’ intended to help designers improve their understanding of user experience design. The first course I’m designing focuses on user interface (UI) design and and I’ll be embarking on content creation in December.

Lastly, I was delighted to be invited to speak at DIBI, Edinburgh. In addition to delivering the opening keynote, I was the compere for the day. I very much enjoyed the conference, not least introducing my good friend Mr Bingo, who delivered a rousing closing keynote.


In preparation for my work with Alan Moore, I re-read his book, Do Design: Why Beauty is Key to Everything. My values are completely in alignment with Alan’s – I believe we need to rethink what we produce, focusing on the how and the why – and his book is required reading for anyone that believes in the importance of purpose-focused business.

Prior to that I read Thomas Piketty’s Chronicles: On Our Troubled Times. I’ve yet to read Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century – it’s weighty, but it’s on my list – but I very much enjoyed ‘Chronicles…’, it gets to the heart of many of the problems we face in a western culture focused excessively on greed, where levels of inequality are rising.

If you’ve embarked upon ‘Capital…’ and found it taxing (sorry!), you might enjoy ‘Chronicles…’, it’s gathers Piketty’s writing for a range of newspapers and journals and – as such – it’s a little shorter and easier to parse.


I’m into the last stretch of my ‘Year, Probably More, Off Alcohol’. I feel better for it and my mind is clearer as a consequence. I have no doubt that, come 1 January, I’ll stick to the path. It’s considerably easier (and less expensive, too).

My diet – which I was so careful about earlier in the year – has slipped somewhat. I’ve been travelling a great deal and, on the road, I’ve indulged a little too much! Suffice to say: I’m refocusing.

Lastly, I’m still walking – every day – and closing the rings on my Apple Watch. The watch has paid for itself many times over in what is a much healthier lifestyle. If you’re considering making some health-focused changes, I’d recommend it highly.


This is a now page, outlining what I’m working on at present. If you’ve yet to hear of a now page, Derek Sivers has put together a helpful overview. My past updates are listed below: