Mr. Murphy

Designer, Writer and Speaker

October, 2018

October was a busy month! I had hoped to launch this site in October, but I was commissioned to work on a number of exciting projects and – I’ll be honest – those projects were too exciting to turn down. So, like one of the proverbial cobbler’s children, I have no shoes.

I’m currently working on two exciting projects: one, working with my Little Thunder studiomates, for Electronic Arts (EA), which is focused on user research and service design; and a second for Adobe, which is focused around user experience and learning design.

On the teaching front, the new semester kicked off on 24 September and I have my hands full with a fantastic group of interaction design students. I’m hard at work helping them to fulfil their potential.

I’m also speaking at NUX conference on 19 October. NUX is my first conference this year (after a period in self-imposed exile) and I’m very much looking forward to sharing some of my thinking in a talk titled Everything Connected, which explores the challenges of designing for an increasingly connected world.


I just finished Ken Kocienda’s excellent Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs. I finished it in just a couple of days and I’ve been recommending it ever since.

It’s absolutely required reading if you’re interested in gaining an insight into the design process at Apple (and you don’t have to be working in – or running! – a multinational hardware and software company to learn from it). Kocienda is, above all, a storyteller and his stories are not only fascinating, but they’re filled with valuable lessons.

Prior to that I read George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language. It’s a slight book – a pamphlet really – but don’t let its slimness fool you, it packs a weighty punch. If you’re interested in language and you work with words (doesn’t everyone?) it’s well worth reading.


I’m now nine months into a year off alcohol. I’ll admit there were a few days in September – particularly once the new semester started – where I found it difficult, but I stayed focused and kept my head down.

I’m still maintaining my daily exercise goal. I always feel better – mentally (and physically) – after a walk, and this month I clocked up a nine mile walk. Winning.

Fuelled by adrenaline after that walk I contacted Rethink Mental Illness to see if they had a London Marathon place left…. Boom! I’ll be walking (perhaps running?) the London Marathon to raise money for Rethink. No turning back now.

Raising awareness about mental health is so, so important to me. I’ve had a number of mental health challenges, which I’m now confronting head-on, and I hope that by running the marathon again I can raise awareness and money for an important cause. I’ll be adding a link here shortly and collecting sponsorship money.

The Apple Watch Series 4 I mentioned last month…? Ordered! (Mark that up as a win for operant conditioning!)


This is a now page, outlining what I’m working on at present. If you’ve yet to hear of a now page, Derek Sivers has put together a helpful overview. My past updates are listed below: