Mr. Murphy

Designer, Writer and Speaker


I believe that businesses can be designed, just like products or services can, and I work with organisations and individuals to help them design the businesses, products and services of tomorrow, today.

The pace of change has never been greater. We’re witnessing an exponential growth of technology, which is accelerating ever more quickly, year after year. One thing, however, remains consistent: People.

Businesses that focus on human-centred design and that foreground delight are proven to be more profitable. I have a 25 year track record focused on designing delightful experiences, in fact I’m writing a book with just that title.

Process [Detail]

How I work…

By immersing myself in your business, getting to know your competitors and pinpointing the challenges you’re facing, I help to develop strategies that are future-focused.

I work with teams through practical, hands-on and, above all, enjoyable workshops that change thinking and bring teams closer together. I also work with individuals, becoming a de facto team member, helping to deliver additional insights. I focus on:

The pace of change might be rapid, but an understanding of the digital landscape – informed by research – can enable us to confidently predict the direction of travel.

Let’s Work Together

Work With Me

Every business is different and every business challenge is unique. I’m more than happy to meet for a coffee, or chat via Skype, to help you define your specific goals.

If you have a problem you’d like to explore, please do get in touch. I’ll happily meet with you for an hour – with no obligations and at no cost – to explore some ideas. You’ve nothing to lose and I’ve no doubt the conversation will prove interesting.