Mr. Murphy

Designer, Writer and Speaker


This is a /purpose page, outlining the why behind my what and defining the values that drive me. If you’ve yet to hear of a /purpose page, Fictive Kin have put together a helpful overview.

What motivates me?

I believe that the world is a better place when we open up our thinking and share it freely. That might be: sharing aspects of our lives, including our day to day challenges; or sharing aspects of our working practice, including our ‘trade secrets’.

I was fortunate enough to be around when the web was created as a new medium, and I passionately believe in Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of a web that is open and accessible to all.

I still remember my first modem – a Global Village Teleport Gold II – that offered a modest 14.4Kbps connection. That connection might have been slow by today’s standards, but what it represented, opportunity, remains as life-changing today as it was then. The web as a medium – in particular its culture of ‘View Source’ – has very much shaped my thinking and I aspire to share freely in an effort to help others.

My purpose is centred around encouraging and helping others to fulfil their potential. I’ve learned many lessons – both in life and in work – across my 25 year career, and I aim to share those lessons as widely as possible.

I work with both organisations and individuals, helping them to realise their potential and make their mark on the world.

I’m particularly focused on education, whether that’s in a traditional classroom at Belfast School of Art or in a workshop situation for businesses. I passionately believe in the power of education to transform lives and I very much enjoy seeing others, who I’ve taught, grow and flourish.

I’m always learning and I hope I always will be. I share what I’ve learned in my journal and through my writing elsewhere. I’d love you to join me on my learning journey.

My Values

Whenever I work with a new business – whether it’s an individual or an organisation – the first aspect I focus on are defining values. Understanding what motivates you and teasing out your core values is incredibly important to everything that flows from that.

Values shift and evolve over time. What was important to you when you were 20 is often less important to you when you’re 40, 50, 60…. Life changes you. These are my core values, now.


I believe honesty and integrity is incredibly important. If I believe something’s right, I’ll share that opinion. Equally, if I believe something’s wrong, I’ll share that, too. Honesty – in business and in life – is, in my firmly held belief, the best policy.


I’m fortunate to work, for the most part, on the web and the web, since it’s earliest days, has been focused on community. I believe in a culture of ‘View Source’ and by that I don’t mean ‘code’, I mean all of the underlying beliefs that underpin everything we do.


I do my best to contribute to the community at large, sharing what I’ve learned freely: both successes and failures. I believe that a spirit of openness pays off, and I’ve been grateful for the benefits it has brought to me.