Mr. Murphy

Designer, Writer and Speaker

This is the copy for the hero image. Motivational Speaking: I inspire audiences through captivating storytelling. By sharing lessons I’ve learned, I give attendees confidence to make things happen.


I’m a passionate speaker and have spoken at events, large and small, all over the world. I’ve delivered keynotes, opened and closed conferences, and compered events. I’m known for my entertaining style, which is educational, but – equally importantly – enjoyable.

By sharing stories and lessons I’ve learned over a 25+ year career, I inspire audiences, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. I ensure audiences are enthused and encouraged, giving attendees the confidence to make things happen.

In addition to speaking at professional conferences, I’ve also worked with private sector clients, including and the BBC, to deliver motivational presentations that bring teams closer together.

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Christopher is a joy to work with. He’s opened and closed our conferences and compered our events. He’s an incredibly inspiring speaker and leaves audiences feeling ready to conquer the world.
Jim Richardson · DIBI

I love working with Christopher and have worked with him on many, many occasions. His knowledge of design is unparalleled and he inspires audiences with memorable stories filled with valuable lessons.
Markus Seyfferth · SmashingConf

Christopher is a captivating storyteller. As our opening keynote speaker, he inspired our audience with thoughtful and challenging stories. If you’re running a conference I’d recommend him highly. His passion is infectious!
Oliver Lindberg · Pixel Pioneers

Selected Talks


Designing Your Future
Design It; Build It (DIBI), Edinburgh
12 November, 2018

Creative Business Bootcamp (Workshop)
Design Week, Belfast
7 November, 2018

Everything Connected
NUX, Manchester
19 October, 2018


We Are Orchestrators
Pixel Pioneers, Belfast
16 November, 2017

SmashingConf, Barcelona
17–18 October, 2017

User Experience Essentials (5 Day Workshop: Private Client)
JODAYN, Riyadh
16–20 July, 2017; 17–21 September, 2017

A Calculated Leap of Faith
MKGN 5th Birthday, Milton Keynes
15 June, 2017

A Calculated Leap of Faith
Up Front Conference, Manchester
19 May, 2017

Brand Values and Content Strategy (Brand Messaging Workshop: Private Client)
Hunter Savage, Belfast
7 April, 2017

A Calculated Leap of Faith
Design It; Build It (DIBI), Edinburgh
30 March, 2017

Micro Publications (Connected Products Workshop: Private Client)
John Lewis, London
16 February, 2017

Foundations for the Future (Five Day Masterclass)
The New Digital School, Porto
16-20 January, 2017


Creative Business Bootcamp (Workshop)
Design Week, Belfast
8 November, 2016

Learn it here. Learn it anywhere.
IxDA, Dublin
9 November, 2016

Conference Chair
Design It; Build It (DIBI), London
21 October, 2016

Micro-Publications (Workshop)
The New Digital School, Porto
13 October, 2016

Stretching Time
makingWeb_2.16, Oslo
22 September, 2016

Continuous Learning
DotYork, York
8 June, 2016

Time + Creativity
beyond tellerrand, Düsseldorf
9–11 May, 2016

Evolving Education
Glug, Leeds
28 April, 2016

SmashingConf, Oxford
15–16 March, 2016

Breaking Borders, Reading
17 February, 2016


Strategic Procrastination (Workshop: Private Client)
Esportif, Belfast
3 December, 2015

A Unified Theory of Everything
Future of Web Design, New York
3 November, 2015

Idea Factories (Workshop)
Future of Web Design, New York
2 November, 2015

Planned Procrastination
Rebase, Dublin
2 October, 2015

Idea Factories (Workshop)
Rebase, Dublin
1 October, 2015

Go Deeper
HybridConf, Dublin
20 August, 2015

86,400 Seconds (Private Client)
Future Makers, Dublin
10 June, 2015

The Craft of Words
Swipe Summit, Dublin
28 May, 2015

Life 2.0
Talk Web Design, London
21 May, 2015

107 Days
DICE, Letterkenny
17 April, 2015

A Good Writer Is a Good Thinker
SmashingConf, Oxford
17 March, 2015

Idea Factories (Workshop)
SmashingConf, Oxford
16 March, 2015

Your Key Asset
ConfConf, Birmingham
30 January, 2015

Anti-Glacial Education
Hey!, Leeds
20 January, 2015

Levelling Up (Private Client)
Craft NI, Belfast
15 January, 2015


A Rather Large Tutorial
Break, Belfast
12 November, 2014

The Web Is… Knowledge
The Web Is…, Cardiff
30 October, 2014

It’s About Time
SmashingConf, Freiburg
15 September, 2014

Ideas Are Easy, Implementation Is Hard
GenerateConf, London
26 September, 2014

Creative Mornings, Dublin
27 June, 2014

The Craft of Words
UX Masterclass, Dublin
24 June, 2014

Managing a Mind
Hey!, Leeds
25 March, 2014

Idea Factories
Awwwards, Paris
14 February, 2014

The Spark
MK Geek Night All-Dayer, Milton Keynes
24 January, 2014


Managing a Mind
T44U, Dublin
22 November, 2013

The Spark
Shopify Meetup, Belfast
13 November, 2013

A Non-Graceful Shutdown
Brooklyn Beta, New York
9 October, 2013

Social Storytelling (Private Client)
Craft NI, Belfast
28 August, 2013

Idea Factories (Private Client) Conference, Amsterdam
12 June, 2013

We Are Navigators
Crafthouse, Dublin
14 May, 2013

These Go To Eleven
Kerning, Faenza
2 May, 2013

We Are Navigators
Industry, Newcastle
24 April, 2013


The Craft of Web Typography (Workshop)
InspireConf, Leiden
12 December, 2012

Crafting Typography (Workshop)
Refresh LX, Lisbon
20 September, 2012

Responsive Strategies
Europeana, Leuven
14 June, 2012

You Are A Channel
ESAD, Porto
31 May, 2012

Good Ideas Grow on Paper (Workshop)
ESAD, Porto
30 May, 2012

You Are A Channel
Future of Web Design, London
16 May, 2012

Good Ideas Grow on Paper (Workshop)
Future of Web Design, London
14 May, 2012

Paper Is Your Friend (Workshop)
New Adventures, Nottingham
18 January, 2012


The Journey
Build, Belfast
10 November, 2011

Analogue Heaven (Workshop)
Build, Belfast
8 November, 2011

Product DNA (Private Client)
Evolve, Belfast
21 October, 2011

Designing the Fluid Web
Frontend, Oslo
10 October, 2011

Building Brand Value (Private Client)
Evolve, Belfast
30 September, 2011

Designing the Sustainable Web
DrupalCon, London
22 August, 2011

Business Blueprinting (Private Client)
Evolve, Belfast
6 May, 2011


Paper Is Your Friend (Workshop)
Build, Belfast
9 November, 2010

Learning from the Masters
Think Vitamin, Screencast
27 October, 2010

Ordinary Isn't Good Enough
Sneak Preview, Genk
24 September, 2010

UX Masterclass
Future of Web Design, London
18 May, 2010

Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 (Workshop)
Uncommon Knowledge, Belfast
27 March, 2010

Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 (Private Client, Workshop)
Design by Front, Belfast
11 February, 2010


Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 (Workshop)
Build, Belfast
4 November, 2009

The State of Web Typography
Refresh, Belfast
21 September, 2009

A Thousand Words
Future of Web Design, Belfast
2 September, 2009

Let’s Work Together

With over two decades of professional speaking experience, I’m able to customise my content to suit your audience, be it large or small. I’m more than happy to meet for a coffee, or chat via Skype, to explore potential topics with you.

If you’re running a conference, or are organising a business event, I’d love to work with you, please do get in touch. I’ll happily meet with you for an hour – with no obligations and at no cost – to explore some ideas. You’ve nothing to lose and I’ve no doubt the conversation will prove interesting.

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