Mr. Murphy

Designer, Writer and Speaker

This is the copy for the hero image. Designing Business: I help organisations to join up the dots and map a clear, strategic pathway to the future, enabling them to build profitable products and services.


I believe businesses can be designed, just like products or services. As a multidisciplinary designer, I focus on developing business, product and service strategies that drive innovation and deliver long-term, sustainable profitability.

As a design strategist I help businesses establish a map to the future, enabling them to define long-term goals and develop competitive advantages.

Drawing on twenty-five of experience working with clients, including the BBC, Electronic Arts (EA) and Adobe, I enable businesses to grow and thrive by embracing a holistic approach that focuses on:

I work with businesses at every stage of the design process, helping them to launch new products and services and, for more established businesses, enabling them to develop their strategy to address new markets.

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Working with Christopher is a pleasure. He has the ability to get to the heart of problems and design innovative solutions for them. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat.
Shan McAnena · Curator, Historic Royal Palaces

Christopher’s knowledge of design is unparalleled. He’s helped us manage and deliver projects for a worldwide roster of clients including Electronic Arts (EA). He’s an asset to any team.
Gaby Muldoon · Co-Founder, Little Thunder

A decade after I graduated I still call on Christopher for support and advice. His role as a mentor offering ongoing guidance is invaluable.
Paddy Donnelly · Founder, Lefft

Selected Projects

In addition to the following selected projects, I’ve worked on a number of other projects that I’m unable to publicly disclose due to non-disclosure agreements. I’m happy to provide additional information, however, over a coffee.

Little Thunder: From A → Beta

Little Thunder, a boutique experience design company based in Belfast, needed to develop an offering for startups developing digital products. I helped them to build a component-driven framework to deliver in partnership with a range of consultancy firms the business works with.

By encouraging the adoption of a modular approach I was able to help the team to build a more cost-effective service offering. As a result, the product could be more aggressively priced for SMEs, whilst allowing for a flexible ‘mix and match’ approach that could be tailored to different enterprise’s needs.

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Alan Moore: Beautiful Leaders

I worked with Alan Moore – author of ‘Do Design: Why Beauty is Key to Everything’ – to build a leadership programme targeted at C-Suite executives. The programme, currently in development, is built around Moore’s book and is designed to help leaders understand the importance of purpose-driven business.

Working with a team of consultants – including business coaches and sustainability experts – I helped to provide a holistic foundation for the programme, applying learning design principles to create a programme outline, with accompanying learning materials.

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See.Sense: ACE

I worked with the team at See.Sense to develop the User Experience (UX) strategy for their ACE bike light’s Kickstarter campaign. I also provided a prototype UI for the ACE light’s associated iOS and Android apps.

Working with across the team’s departments – including product design, data analysis and marketing – I helped to provide a holistic overview of their product, scoping and designing a prototype iOS application that was designed to integrate with the hardware light.

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Glyph: Progressive Web Application

A side-project – developed in partnership with Chris ShiflettGlyph is a typographic micro-publication designed for the launch of BERG’s Little Printer (an early ‘internet of things’ connected product).

Working with Chris Shiflett, I’m currently redeveloping the publication as a progressive web application (PWA), which I will be using to enhance a workshop on developing micro-publications that I’ve delivered for clients including John Lewis, London and The New Digital School, Porto.

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Let’s Work Together

Every business is different and every business challenge is unique. I’m more than happy to meet for a coffee, or chat via Skype, to help you define your specific goals.

If you have a problem you’d like to explore, please do get in touch. I’ll happily meet with you for an hour – with no obligations and at no cost – to explore some ideas. You’ve nothing to lose and I’ve no doubt the conversation will prove interesting.

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